Can I Wear This To A Wedding?

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 10.25.26 PM
He’s smiling, but he’s mad there’s pants attached.

So I have this one jumpsuit that my boyfriend totally hates.


But I’ve worn it to at least three weddings and a Christmas party so far, and the girls at the shindigs are usually all about it. Or they totally hate it, but either way I feel awesome in it, and so I not only keep wearing it, but it makes me never want to miss an opportunity to up my game at formal events. (“Formal” being used here to mean “fancier than usual,” not the cruise ship use of the term.)

know, you’re not supposed to dress in a way to outdo the bride, but I won’t wear white, and shoot, if it were me, I’d want everyone to look knockout-hot at my wedding, if for no other reason than the pictures. And I’m gonna go lights out on my bridal getup when the time comes, so no worries there, but without severely toeing the line of poor taste, what can I get away with at a summer wedding?

Mmm... no.
Mmm… no.

I have two coming up in September, very different from one another. One is in Connecticut, very farmhouse, a groom my boyfriend met in college. It’ll probably be low-key and semi-traditional. Read: I wouldn’t want to piss off any parents by showing my midriff.

The other wedding is here in town, my very good friends Clover and Travis, who have both spent much of their lives burning their hair off with bleach and Manic Panic (but who now look like gosh darned adults almost), and who run with a gaggle of we tattooed, pierced, and beautiful misfits here in Austin — bottom line: I couldn’t upstage the crowd, much less the bride at this wedding, no matter what rabbits I pulled out of my hat.

We’ll focus on the latter. If I wore an LBD to Clover’s wedding I’d probably get verbally “booed” by my friends. It’ll be hot as Hades, so minimal is best, there will be dancing, and lord knows the same old jumpsuit would be a cop out. So you tell me, where does the spectrum begin and end? What is the MOST I could get away within the realms of good taste?

Below are some images to get your juices flowing, not necessarily the candidates.

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