In Pursuit Of The Perfect Bag

Sometimes I feel just like Jeff Mangum. Y’know what I mean?

And by that I’m employing the example of In The Airplane Over The Sea, the album that was an instant classic, gained accolades from critics and fans alike, and caused Mangum to subsequently go into a completely reclusive state because he was sure he’d never be able to top his own success.

See? I’m just like him. Know what I mean now?

No. You shouldn’t. Because I’m talking about something way stupider, but that somehow occupies a lot of my thought and time. About twice a year I buy a new bag. I’m insanely rough on handbags, so it’s both out of necessity and enjoyment. But it’s a twisted pursuit, all told. I end up scouring the web, draining my options and preparing myself to settle for something less than ideal, and then inevitably the right bag just happens to me.

The purse in question.
The purse in question.

This past April, right around my birthday, I stumbled on my current bag-love. It’s been a relationship that’s honestly damn near perfect. It’s a great size, I get tons of compliments on it, and it didn’t cause me to go broke. But that’s the problem. How do I top it?

Or at the very least, not settle? We can agree that this is not a fall handbag. And all my other, older bags from previous years are destroyed. (I did shameful damage to a Coach camel legacy handbag. Just wear and tear, but I still feel a little guilty about it.) So maybe you guys can help me out. Here are a few questions that are knocking around in the back of my head pertaining to my next handbag acquisition.

  1. Can an adult really rock a backpack? It’s a sartorial challenge, the way a backpack threatens to wrinkle up the shoulders of your clothes. The way you’re forced to sling it in front of you and set it down in order to access any of your things. But they’re everywhere right now, and some of them are just…really beautiful. Can a self-respecting 28-year-old pull it off? What about a 28-year-old with less self-respect? Discuss.

    Why don't Coach ever put FEET on their bags?
    Why don’t Coach ever put FEET on their bags?
  2. Once you go patterned, will you be sad to go back? Now that I’ve lived the hot half of the year getting showered with compliments on my eye-catching patterned bag, am I loathe to buy a solid bag? Will I regret it? Discuss.

    Prada’s “Inside Bag”
  3. Do people still switch purses with their outfits? Because I’m not going to fucking do it, so don’t even ask.

I buy my jeans on sale. I take great care of my Gap and H&M tops so they last me forever. I’m not a big spender on a lot of things (I feel like this part is so my mom doesn’t think I’m in credit card debt, or worse that I’m rich or something), but there are investments in life. Shoes. Outerwear. Bags. The things that literally don’t matter, but make me really happy.

So deign to indulge here, how and where do you shop for a handbag? How long have you been using the one you use now? And can I pull off that Marc Jacobs backpack?

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