One thought on “Coping With Seasonal Depression: Video

  1. There all very good suggestions. I did a post probably over a month on anxiety, depression & bipolar suggestions. Some of those fit the bill for seasonal depression.

    I would add the 100watt lightbulbs, I heard a doctor mention that. Heck, it’s your smile or your light bill. You live once.
    2) Put music on full blast (well not too loud-don’t want cops coming around or neighbors thinking there’s a party) Hey! a party sounds good right about now =. :O))
    Dark chocolate 85% and higher.
    D3 supplements serve to uplift mood amongst so many other benefits.
    Go out window shopping at a mall or go to a library for the lights if you don’t want your light bill to be too high.
    You covered exercise, which is #1 on my list even if it’s just walking.
    Last but certainly very common, get holistic herbs like St. John’s Wort, 5htp, valerian root and/or antidepressants, sedatives. Do whatever you have to in order to GET YOUR JOY BACK INTO YOUR LIFE. There’s a reason why I wrote the book! Blessings my dear and love seeing your cheery face,Emma


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