Holiday Sales Got You Spent?

We all know what retail therapy is. But it turns out there’s a thing called “retail exhaustion,” too.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 3.56.15 PMmy actual promotions tab.

It happens when I am literally wearied by the mere act of pulling out my card to pay for something. It happens when I look at my email “promotions” tab and my normal passive curiosity is replaced by annoyance.

Between buying gifts for family during the holidays, taking advantage of some sweet discounts for myself, and the way that retailers have extended Black Friday and Cyber Monday into a full-blown Cyber Season, the satisfaction of finishing your gift shopping is quickly eroded away by the gnawing feeling: “When does it end? I paid my dues, can I just enjoy the season now?”

I recently found myself chatting with my sister online, and I found that we both had a severe case of seasonal burnout. Both of our jobs hinge on buying seasons, building buzz about cool stuff, watching social media for the next big things. Stuff. Things. Needless to say, we’re both itching to just go home to our family, unwind, and unplug.

So much of this time of year has us defining ourselves buy our buying patterns. Perhaps we can take it into our own hands and release the tension with a little less technological influence. Fewer commercials. Ignoring the promotions tab.

I think in this last two weeks before we all head home for the holidays, it’s important to remember that we deserve this time to ourselves. The holiday season, all its sales, the way we’ve endowed it with a god-like sense of power over us, is mostly in our heads. And in the time between now and un-plug-thirty, we don’t have to punish ourselves for not being “go go go” all the time. It’s okay to be selfish, to indulge in some “me time.”

Those emails have one thing right, there are only a finite amount of “shopping days” left in December. But it doesn’t have to mean what they want it to. In fact, we should be savoring the time with face to face interaction, unstructured downtime, and drinking some damn eggnog.

Because in a flash, it’s going to be January again, and you’ll want to have memories of comfort and joy, not rushing around and going broke.


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