How I Get (And Stay) Inspired

Here’s your step-by-step guide on how to get and stay inspired, every day, forever, no matter what! Just kidding, let’s be honest. Finding inspiration when you really need it is hard. I’ve had a lot of creative leanings in my life – from a fine arts degree to YouTube to hairdressing and a lot of odds and ends in between – and I’ve never found a foolproof way to just drink it in when I’m feeling blah. But! I’ve found some rabbit holes, things – and people – that are consistent sources of creative motivation in my life, and maybe you’ll find some of them helpful, too. So here they are. Continue reading How I Get (And Stay) Inspired

Why I Can’t Be Bothered By Boring Clothes

Personal style dilemmas come like a thief in the night. Or at least it seems that way. If I were to map them out, I’m sure they follow some kind of pattern on the calendar, but every one is no less cataclysmic nor confusing than the last.  Continue reading Why I Can’t Be Bothered By Boring Clothes