Outfits Of My Week #OOMW

Happy Friday! You guys, it’s been a long week…a long few weeks really. I’ve been in the process of a lot of changes at work, getting ready to travel this weekend, and making over my bedroom, oh and did I mention, relaunching my YouTube channel? Yeah, that’s happening, too. 

So, what gets me through each day with a smile on my face (to the best of my ability, anyway)? My outfits. I literally fall asleep every night thinking about my outfit for the next day. I love fashion, I love getting dressed, and I try to post an #OOTD on my Instagram every day when I go to work.

So, without further ado, this week’s outfits!


black cheap monday

This dress is by Cheap Monday, so appropriate to wear it on a Monday when I’m running late for a 9am meeting – whoops! Speaking of running, I’m hopelessly into trainers lately, and the Nike Flyknits are everything. They fit like socks, they breathe and stay comfortable all day. I want them in every color!


mara hoffman

In this outfit, I was told out of the blue while picking up my lunch at Whole Foods that some guy’s friend “thinks you’re beautiful.” Is that what I’m aiming for when I choose my #OOTDs? No, but it doesn’t hurt! These shorts are by Mara Hoffman, my favorite favorite ever, but the shirt is considerably less expensive, and so are the shoes, so this falls under the doctrine of splurging on your statement pieces and then filling in the blanks with inexpensive basics.



This outfit’s inspiration was just dressing around these amazing new Stella McCartney x AdidasStella McCartney x Adidas I just acquired. I’ve got a yen for sneakers, like I said, and these babies hit the spot. The top is from Everlane, and my jeans are on their last leg (so to speak), and from the Gap. The watch is Daniel Wellington (which can be had for far less than when I bought mine these days), and my necklace is a sale item I snatched up at Madewell a while back.



Thursday was rainy (and I chose sandals? Why?), and I was feeling quite neutral in my palette. I also just got a big order in from Everlane, so the top is just me celebrating the beauty of basics. The pants are this amazingly forgiving cut and material, and I got them for next to nothing from ASOS, and those shoes are the chillest little low profile sandals from LOFT. I felt confident in this all day long, just because sometimes it’s less about any piece making one loud statement, and more about the fit of the whole look and how it makes you feel.



And today, guys, I’m working from home, so I’m literally in my PJs on my couch, but! Here’s an outfit from last week that takes all that understated simplicity talk and tosses it out the window. I’ll be the first to admit I enjoy the opportunity to be a little bit tacky now and then (yes, Tacky Kackie, L O L), and these pants from J.Crew are just…everything. They give me life. The patent loafers are a forever-ago purchase from ALDO, and they really look just like a pair Gucci makes, so those puppies are staying by my side forever. The top is a poplin button-down from American Apparel, and my glasses, as always, are from Warby Parker.

And that’s it for this week, y’all! I’m traveling to Atlanta this weekend to celebrate my sister’s blog’s 10 year anniversary, so make sure you follow our shenanegans on Snapchat (code below)! And stay tuned for the relaunch of my YouTube channel coming in April.

Til next time,



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