Mending + Defending Your Root Chakra

I was listening to the Freakonomics podcast today, and they were discussing the strange way that humans, more often than not, tend not to behave in their own best interest. That is to say, we make decisions based on short-term satisfaction (with the mantra “fuck it” usually in there somewhere) over long-term benefit.

At first it made me feel a little self-congratulatory. Like so many seekers, I feel like I’m making a daily effort aimed at long-term growth and sustainable happiness. But then I thought to myself, you haven’t done much of that self-investment lately. And the other me said, “well, yeah I’ve been sick for over a week.”

And that got me to thinking – sure – we all overindulge and experience consequences. But when it comes to the pursuit of our higher selves, are we overlooking the value of our most basic needs in favor of a much shinier, more glamorous lure of enlightenment? Continue reading Mending + Defending Your Root Chakra

2017 In Review

Hello! And welcome to 2018, friends. I just published a new video (with a new filming setup – hope you like!), and I wanted to muse on the past year one last time. Continue reading 2017 In Review