2017 In Review

Hello! And welcome to 2018, friends. I just published a new video (with a new filming setup – hope you like!), and I wanted to muse on the past year one last time.

I’m watching all of these videos from other creators, all the “Best + Worst of 2017” videos detailing beauty, life events, what have you, from the last year, and the biggest sentiment I hear can be paraphrased as,

This year was great for me on a personal level, but the world was a mess in 2017, and I hope for better in the coming year.

I thought it was a good time to pat ourselves on the back for a few things, as well as find a few silver linings about this collective feeling.

  1. We’re still here. Most years (those sleepy Obama years come to mind), we didn’t have the looming threat of Korean nuclear war in the back of our minds, nor did we have a certifiable lunatic (or at best a man who refuses to go quietly into the twilight of his own senility) at the helm of our great (yes, she’s already great) country. We resisted, we protested, we hung in there, y’all. To everyone out there feeling like a human piñata after 2017, you’re not alone. And to put it another way, you’re not alone. We’re in this together, now more than ever.
  2.  Hell yes to thinking outside ourselves. Something happens when everything is OK for a while: We all kind of check out. If this year’s shenanigans have had any positive effect on us a society, it’s that we’ve all started to give a fuck. About our nation, about politics, about our rights, about others. I started donating to the ACLU this year! I marched for women’s rights! And so did thousands of others, and I’m proud of what we did.
  3. We are grateful. Something about the sharp contrast of the nation’s issues versus our own has done something to mobilize us into a state of radical gratitude. For the friends who didn’t overdose on opioids, for the nuclear war that didn’t happen (knock on wood), for the refugees who actually found a new beginning, for the love of family and friends, for the amazing abundance this year has brought, for all the times people in power spoke out against and overruled bigoted attempts to marginalize minorities, for the gift of life at all. To be able to expand our minds, understand one another, try, fail, succeed. I took a lot less for granted in 2017, and I liked the way it felt.

It’s impossible to talk about the past year without discussing politics. There is no such thing as being apolitical anymore, but I think on the whole we’re evolving into a more aware society, and we’re working harder, achieving more, and exercising radical gratitude along the way. Cheers to a 2018 of abundance, health and healing.

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