Hey guys! Today I’m talking all about the last four years on antidepressants, and how I finally kicked them! Check it out – like and subscribe on my page!

5 Tips For Loving Your Closet NOW

Guys, we all have that thing where we buy something, wear it, and then it somehow becomes stale. Why does it happen? How can you avoid it? With a few easy tweaks, you can make the most of what you already own, what you buy in the future, AND your mental well being in the process. Check it out! Like, comment & subscribe – lemme know you came from the WP community!

Never Miss A Chance To Stop Talking

Talking does us a lot of good. Talking out our problems, getting things out in the open. It helps me shake out the roots of my tightly knotted feelings most of the time, especially when the person I’m talking to (usually my mom), knows me well enough to read between the lines.

But I have a history of talking too much. I’ve always liked the sound of my own voice, ever since I was a kid. It’s a predisposition to the floweryness of your own prose, the idea that someone might be impressed at how precocious you are… it’s intoxicating for a kid.

But it’s perfectly obnoxious from an onlooker’s standpoint, and it’s important to calibrate our minds to the idea that sometimes –¬†often – we’re better off standing back, shutting up, and listening. Continue reading Never Miss A Chance To Stop Talking

Taking Care Of Yourself Is Hard

The doctors and your parents and social media and your whole life are¬†telling you to, like, “live better.” Y’know, knock off the bad habits. Take time for yourself. Everything in moderation. De-stress. I’m a big fan of this logic, because what are my options really – that or melt under the weight of my own anxiety? I’ll take the decompression route. But I’m going to be honest here, y’all. It ain’t easy.

Continue reading Taking Care Of Yourself Is Hard