How To Recover From The Holidays

During the holidays, we all assume there will be a lapse in our self-care routine. More calories in, fewer out; but we often lose sight of the collateral damage to spending days on end traveling and functioning in someone else’s habitat. The R&R that’s required to recover during this end-of-the-year purgatory time is more than just snapping back to your old routine.

The pressure of the New Year means we’re all chasing new resolutions, or at the very least trying to remember what it was like for our pants to fit properly (speaking from experience!). But let’s talk about some pleasures you should¬†never feel guilty about when it comes to recovering from the holiday whirlwind.

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The Meaning Behind Mindfulness

A sign at a Christmas tree farm we visited last weekend read, “Be Kind. Everyone You Meet is Fighting A Battle.” I typically rank signs like these in the same realm as your oft-lampooned “Live, Laugh, Love,” straight-from-Home-Goods, signs in terms of sincerity. But (whew) if this year out of all of them hasn’t made me aware of just how many private battles we’re all fighting. Continue reading The Meaning Behind Mindfulness

Never Miss A Chance To Stop Talking

Talking does us a lot of good. Talking out our problems, getting things out in the open. It helps me shake out the roots of my tightly knotted feelings most of the time, especially when the person I’m talking to (usually my mom), knows me well enough to read between the lines.

But I have a history of talking too much. I’ve always liked the sound of my own voice, ever since I was a kid. It’s a predisposition to the floweryness of your own prose, the idea that someone might be impressed at how precocious you are… it’s intoxicating for a kid.

But it’s perfectly obnoxious from an onlooker’s standpoint, and it’s important to calibrate our minds to the idea that sometimes –¬†often – we’re better off standing back, shutting up, and listening. Continue reading Never Miss A Chance To Stop Talking